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"Assi Desi" video clip on line

Radio Desi Paris - Desi Boome Assi DesiIn a recent article, we announced the upcoming release of the video clip of Desi Boome.

Well, it's done. The long-awaited clip of the song "Assi Desi" was posted on youtube the last weekend and has so far recorded over 7000 hits, winning no doubt public support.

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 NEWS FRANCE  > DJ Veekash  
Mixtapes Magic Of Bollyood

Radio Desi Paris - DJ Veekash Magic of BollywoodDJ Veekash is a French beatmaker, DJ and activist in the French hip-hop world for about 15 years.

Active in the French rap music, DJ Veekash has never forgotten his origins from Mauritia, his childhood lulled by Bollywood music and he has already made two Bollywood remixes mixtapes that can be freely downloaded.

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 NEWS FRANCE  > J-Swade 
"Urja"video clip online

Radio Desi Paris - J-Swade UrjaJ-Swade is a hip-hop artist from France. He has just released his first single called "Urja".

With his Gujarati, Keralese, Tamil and Goan origins, J-Swade is proud to represent the diversity of India. Inspired by hip hop stars like P. Diddy and Will Smith, J-Swade started singing with his friend Massif.

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 NEWS FRANCE  > Sat Sandhu 
Second single soon

Sat Sandhu Sat Sandhu is a Bhangra artist who was born and raised in Paris. Barely 22, he is not only recognised as a talented Bhangra singer but also as a talented Bhangra dancer and dhol player.

Sat's musical career started in 2005 when himself and his brother started a bhangra team called Shaan-Punjab-Di. Dancer and dholi, Sat has always been drawn to the world of arts since a young age.

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 NEWS FRANCE  > Desi Boome 
"Assi Desi" video clip soon online

Radio Desi Paris - Desi Boome Assi DesiDesi Boome, whose real name is Imran Nasar, is a young French rapper from Paris suburbs. Of Pakistani origin, he wants to bring together and to represent Desi community in France.

Active for some years in France and already a recognized artist in the French rap game, he has been propelled by his live performance in the first part of the concert of Imran Khan in Paris, in November 2010.

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