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Desi Boome - "Assi Desi" video clip soon online

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Desi Boome, whose real name is Imran Nasar, is a young French rapper from Paris suburbs. Of Pakistani origin, he wants to bring together and to represent Desi community in France.

Acctive for some years in France and already a recognized artist in the French rap game, he has been propelled by his live performance in the first part of the concert of Imran Khan in Paris, in November 2010. Is this encounter that led him to rap in Urdu or is it at the request of the fans? In any case, since this time, we had the pleasure of discovering "Ik Vaar" featuring Elvina and produced by DJ Veekash, the first track where Desi Boome raps in Urdu language. (MP3 download here)

The news of the moment is the upcoming release of his video for "Assi Desi. "

In the meantime, here's the teaser.

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